Better price tracking for your ecommerce

Here is How To Track Your Competitor Prices Automatically. Workit: provides its customers with a 360° view of their market in real-time. Workit enters competitive pricing and a software to monitor prices. But also here is A Guide On Competitor Price Tracking for Ecommerce Businesses.

Ecommerce is one of the industries with the most competition. The investments and growth rate of companies are raising the competition. Users now use price comparison engines, so they can look for the product with the cheapest price. Suppliers are therefore fighting their way in this very competitive market. As most people now, correct pricing can allow your business to succeed or fail. It is very easy for a customer to check prices online so companies now need to change their marketing strategies. You may need to do some research before hand but if you have an ecommerce business you should invest in a good price tracking system to provide you with more customers and sales.

Research competitors

While researching, you should check for two main things: competitor identification and product identification. You should find out who your competitors are and which of them you should track. Once you have done that, ask yourself which of your products are the most important and competitive in the market. Find out which of your products are also the most price sensitive. Now that you know your competitors and which product prices you want to track, you can get URLS to tell you the price and stock information of the product.

Getting URLS

Now that you know your competitors and which product prices you want to track, you can get URLS to tell you the price and stock information of the product. This task may require some manual work but it is worth the investment. Once it is done, you won’t need to do it again. The program will then take care of the rest. It is of course possible to outsource the task to service providers.

Getting automated

Once you have determined your competitors and the products you would like to trace. The rest is fully automated. You can find tools to visit each of the sites and collect the information you need. You can also see reports and analyses. Over all, these tools will save you alot of time and you won’t need to employ someone for the tasks. An automated solution for price tracking will remove the manual work of checking each product daily. For competitive prices, check out the price monitoring software Amazon price tracker.

Alerts and reports

One of the best things about price tracking is the ability to set alerts. The tool will report a change in price on your competitor’s website so you can act quickly. You can set up these alerts in the admin panel of such tools. You can also allow different memebers to control different categories or brands. You can divide the work out between multiple employees.

The Best Cocktails in New Zealand

New Zealand is known or having some of the world’s most outlandish cocktails. This is mainly because it has a very dynamic and distinctive culture. The inspiration of Maori and English folks has influenced numerous matters of their way of life including the beverages and cocktail. Below are some of New Zealand’s best thirst-quenching cocktails that will get you going back for more.

Mojito is a cocktail of rum, lime and fresh mint leaves, born in Cuba in the 1910’s and inspired by mint julep, discover the best recette mojito you can reproduce at home.

You can impress your friends during the evenings that you organize with you by reproducing a cocktail recipe proposed by Atelier cocktail. For example, this site will give you tips on making an awesome irish coffee a hearty drink that you can also offer to your friends after a good autumn or winter walk.

1. Lemon and Paeroa

First on the list has to be L&P or Lemon & Paeroa. It is a carbonated lemonade style drink that tastes sweet to the tongue and packaged in a brown plastic bottle. It is popularly talked about tin various countries as the world famous drink in New Zealand. It is a non-alcoholic drink which can also be enjoyed by children. For adults who would like a bit of alcohol twist, they can mix it with whisky since they go quite well together. Recently, Coca cola has taken up the deal to manufacture the Lemon and Paeroa drink making it even more widely held and accessible.


2. Mulled Cider

This is another one of the best cocktails in New Zealand. Mulled cider is known from hundreds of years back and is traced to the Wassail Night celebrations that were annually held all over England on January 5th. It is commonly referred to as a winter warmer that is in the form of a cider. Generally, most mulled ciders are prepared with nutmeg and cinnamon. If you would like to have a homemade version here is a recipe

3. Stole Stolen Rum

This is an unusual cocktail of coffee, cigarettes and spiced rum with cola. It has gained quite a large reputation in the international market, but since it is originated from New Zealand, it’s the best place to taste this tantalizing cocktail.


4. 42Below Vodka

This is great vodka that is exclusively made in New Zealand at a latitude of 42 degrees blow the equator and has consistently been rated as one of the best Vodka’s all over the world. It is as you would expect made from wheat and water from a volcanic spring. See more at:

5. Mulled Wine

This is the ideal winter evening drink in New Zealand. It is an invigorating cocktail of wine, fruit spices, and sugar. Some of its common ingredients include cinnamon, Anis, Orange Zest, Cloves and Bay Leaf. However, there are more spices that can be used in mulled wine. Originally, this cocktail wine was understood to be a hale and hearty tonic and that was taken to prevent winter ills.

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Best Cocktails in New Zealand

Stop your lifehacks philosophy : always faster, better it’s exhausting.

If you are just starting your career as a writer, you must know that providing quality article is of paramount importance. Most publications have zero tolerance for low-quality and poorly-researched content. For neophytes, you must keep in mind that there are also golden rules when it comes to writing.

Here is lifehacks you need in your life.


Research is the KeyStop your lifehacks philosophy of “always faster, better”;

it’s exhausting to see articles that are written hastily. You could easily sense whether the writer has invented the things he or she wrote in the article. Readers nowadays are smart. They can’t easily be fooled. When you do your research, you should also know how to separate validated and reliable sources from those that are not. Always reference to formidable sources. Those who have established names are more careful, thus, they make sure that when they publish an article, it is backed by facts and truths. Scrutinize Your WorkWriters are artists in their own ways, and artists know when they are done and satisfied with their work.


Re-read your finished piece three times to check the spelling, grammar and cohesiveness of the paragraphs.

Zero Tolerance for PlagiarismPlagiarism is cheating and is for the lazy. It is by far the biggest taboo in the world of article writing. If you have the intention of building a career out of your passion and gift for words, avoid copying content directly and not citing the source properly. Relatable and Easy to DigestA quality article should be concise, comprehensive and value-adding.


You should always put your readers first in mind.

If you are given an assignment to work on a niche article, study your audience. Know what will make them interested in your article, and provide them with content that will make not only entertain them, will educate them and open their eyes to new things. If you can pull them in your story, you can easily build a fanbase and loyal subscribers. Writers have the power to change the world. In fact, world literature and world history has stood the test of time because of the people that took time and pour out immense dedication to their work. If you are to hold these values close to you, you will surely be a top-notch writer.

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